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Резюме: Head of corporate government department

Пол: Женский
Дата рождения: 04-04-1984
Семейное положение: Не указано
Проживание: Россия, г. Москва
Опыт работы:
16 лет
Не указано
Название учебного(-ых) заведения(-ий):
Finance University under the of Government of Russian Federation, Penza State University
Опыт работы
Занимаемая должность:
Project manager/Expert of corporate department
Должностные обязанности:
In corporate governance: -Providing corporate support related to activity of holding companies ; -Development of corporate governance strategy for holding companies ; -Coordination and preparation of Board meetings and their protocol follow up; -Harmonization of company's secretaries activity (VTB Holding companies): cooperation with Board members and shareholders of holding companies on the matters related to the meetings, organizing and ensuring delivery of documents related to Board and shareholders meetings ; - Drafting of internal company's acts and regulations associated with corporate governance body As project manager -Designed short-term development strategy of JSC VTB Bank subsidiary office in Republic of Angola; developed subsidiary bank business-plan and budget, ensured fulfillment thereof, coordinated the drafts of the above mentioned documents with the relevant subdivisions of Head Office (JSC VTB Bank) ; - Incorporated and supported the affiliated branches ; - Participated in the recruitment of staff for subsidiary office ; - Elaborated and implemented working procedures for subsidiary office such as instructions, internal acts, and regulations ; -Actively participated in the implementation process of information security system for the subsidiary bank ; -Analyzed and classified the basic legislative acts of Angolan banking system; ensured compliance of subsidiary bank activity with Angolan legislation and with internal rules and procedures of its Head office ; -Prepared and presented the project results report .
Занимаемая должность:
Должностные обязанности:
-Consulted clients on different aspects law such as corporate, commerce, contract, tax, and international law ; - Provided legal support and represented client's interests in closing deals, including drafting contracts, conducting legal due diligence and follow up ; -Analyzed corporate structure of a company and its management style, designed corporate structure considering every particular aspect of client's activity using the advantages of tax and corporate regulations ; -Set up business structures allowing clients to increase their management competence in order to achieve the desired level of control and to strengthen the legal protection of beneficiaries' rights ; -Conducted legal administration of Russian and foreign (Cyprus, BVI) entities, subsidiaries and branches, accreditation and the extension of accreditation of representative offices and branches of foreign companies in Russian Federation ; -Drafted contracts and other documents upon clients requests with provision of legal aspects ; - Represented client's interests before government bodies and local authorities, provided clients with optimal solution of arising questions.
Занимаемая должность:
Legal council
Должностные обязанности:
-Day to day administration of companies activity, due diligence of sale-purchase agreements, lease contracts, and intellectual property contracts; preparation of legal opinions ; -Maintained internal companies documentation such as instructions, orders, corporate management regulations ; -Prepared paper work for the courts of common jurisdiction, arbitration courts, tax authorities and represented clients' interests in the institutions mentioned above ; -Consulted clients on the matters of labor law, legal support of labor migration matters ; - Administered registration and liquidation of Russian and foreign entities.
Занимаемая должность:
Attorney's assistant
Должностные обязанности:
-Prepared statements of claim and participated in judicial court hearings ; -Represented client's interests before court.
Занимаемая должность:
Leading expert
Должностные обязанности:
-Systematization and analysis of judiciary practice in civil and administrative cases ; -Drafted judicial and administrative decisions ; -Prepared court orders and submitted them to state and local authorities.
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